“Believing is half the cure”- Toba Beta.

Q-BURN – Quick Relief from Burns


Q-BURN is an external application medicine for the complete cure of burn injuries. Q-BURN gives quick relief from the excruciating pain, especially in case of superficial burns.

Burns are one of the most traumatic forms of accidents. Burn injuries are the second largest group of injuries after road accidents. By burn injuries the patient is devastated physically and also psychologically.

Burn injuries results in both local and systemic complications. It also results in inflammatory response. Q-BURN acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Fluid loss is another complication which leads to circulatory shock. Q-BURN reduces fluid loss. It prevents blister formation, if applied immediately after the burn. Q-BURN promotes fast granulation and rapid healing of the wound.

Burn wound infections occur frequently due to the damage of the skin barrier, impaired immunological function, metabolic dysfunction and protein rich wound site. Q-BURN has good anti-microbial activity against organisms like Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which are the most common infective agents in case of a burn injury. The avascularity of the wound site does not allow the movement of the systemically administered drugs to the wound site. On site application Q-BURN is much more effective in such cases. On the development of anti-microbial resistance among many of the infective pathogens, Q-BURN is a very effective alternative.

Another feature of Q-BURN is that the healing is complete without leaving any marks. This aspect of Q-BURN helps in the psychological recovery of the patient, especially in cases where face and other visible areas get burnt. Q-BURN in no way will interfere with any other treatment procedures and can be used side by side with other procedures.

Q-BURN is best for burns due to flame and scalds, which are the most frequent type of burn injury. 70% of the burn victims are in the most productive age group of 15-40 years and most patients belong to the poor socioeconomic strata. Q-BURN with all its merits is a very effective and economic burn care solution. It is the best remedy for the rehabilitation of a burn injury patient.